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Study Abroad in Medie, Ghana!

Hello My Colleagues in Music and African Studies

This is Bernard Woma sending you greetings. I am writing to advertise the annual study abroad program that the Dagara Music Center has created over the years for people who want to take a trip to Ghana not only to study at the Dagara Music and Arts Center but also to experience a unique African cultural immersion in West Africa. Due to the substantial number of university and college students, teachers, musicians, anthropologists and volunteers who have visited the Center, I have started this special program that is open to anyone who wants to take a trip to study music, dance, arts, and other socio-cultural interests or conduct research in Ghana. In this program, I will personally organize a group of interested participants (both musicians and non musicians, men and women, students and non students) who want to take a trip to Africa specifically to Ghana to study music, drumming, dance, arts, children games and songs, as well as other socio-cultural interests.

The trip is expected to run in two phases with 10 to 15 people. The first phase will run from May 29th to June 19th 2017. The second phase will run from June 30th to July 21st 2017. The ball-park fee for this three-weeks trip is $3, 700.00 and it includes the following incentives
1. Your international round trip airfare from JFK to Accra
2. Pickup and drop off at the Accra airport in Ghana
3. Six hours of lessons a day at the Dagara Music Center (three in the morning and three in the evening),
4. Housing, room and board
5. Three meals a day at the center
6. All in-country excursion transportation travel costs, hotels, entrance fees to museums, waterfalls, and game parks.

dmcThe only extra expenses from out of your pocket are bottle water, soda and other beverages that are available for sale at the center; and also, lunches when you are on the six days excursion trips. For example, when you are on the excursion trips, all your transportation expenses, entrance fees, hotels, breakfast and dinner will be covered. You are only responsible for your lunches and drinks for the six days that you are away from the center.

Accommodation at the center is one to two people in a room. There is electricity, running water and showers. You can’t beat this price. There are similar study abroad trips to Ghana that are run by other institutions and organizations with fees ranging from $5, 200 to over $6, 000 and with less incentives in the package. Over the past sixteen years, the Dagara Music Center has put in place the organizing structures for our study abroad programs and we have the organizing experience to make it work for everyone.

The program of study includes gyil music, drumming, dancing, singing, batik and tie-dye making, kente weaving, beads making, basket weaving, drum and xylophone making workshops, cooking, volunteer teaching at nearby schools, and working with women groups, such as market women, church groups and community-based network groups.1473341504231[1]

The trip also include excursions to the Kintampo waterfalls, the ancient city of Kumasi, the slave castles in Cape Coast and Elmina, tropical beaches, the longest rain forest canopy walk in the world, (Kakum National Park), and the pulsating city of Accra, where you will see West Africa’s largest craft and art market, (the Art Center), the National Museum, the University of Ghana and a performance at the National Theatre.



As you can see, the program is not just the study of music and arts alone; but it covers a wide range of cultural studies and historical cultural experience. Participants don’t have to be musicians to gain knowledge and experience on this trip. This is an engaging trip with a great learning experience as well as an exchange of knowledge and ideas from both sides of the world. All you need to do is sign up and leave the rest of the organizing and work to me.

I am responsible to make all the travel arrangements for you between New York City and Accra the capital city of Ghana, supervise and lead the teaching lessons at the Dagara Music Center, and coordinate all the in-country excursion travel arrangements. You are responsible to get your travel documents (passport and visa), take all your shots, and get yourself to New City to fly to Ghana. I have a travel packet with valuable orientation information on things you need to know and get before you make the trip. When you sign up, I will send you this information packet.

Interested people can contact me directly via email at for more details or if they have any specific questions about the trip. And please spread the word to your students, drumming community, your school teaching colleagues, and all those with a passion for the study of arts, music education, and international exchange to come on board. It is only through these kinds of programs that we can view and understand the world through a different lens and individual perspectives.

Indeed, the success of a special program that the Dagara Music Center runs every year for women is a testimony to our experience in making this learning opportunity available for everyone. If you are in doubt and you need inquiries or recommendation about the success of our work at the DMC, I will be happy to send you contact information of the people who have gone on this trip. Thank you and looking forward to your response.