In response to the growing demand of international students interested in attending the DMC and the engagement of its services by local community members and organizations, the Dagara Music Center has decided to undertake an expansion project to better serve its beneficiaries. In the wake of Bernard’s passing, the DMC is committed to making his vision come alive. The new facilities will include:

  1. an administration block to accommodate office space
  2. a performance theatre and dance studio
  3. an art studio and workshop
  4. housing for visiting students
  5. a library/computer center in which all school children and members of the Medie community can come and study for free

Current Status of Project as of January 2019

  1. Land for the new facilities near the existing Center was acquired in 2008
  2. State-mandated environmental tests were completed and the final building permit acquired in 2016
  3. Over $15,500 was raised with the help of over 122 donors through the crowd-funding website, Indiegogo during a Spring fundraising campaign in 2016.
  4. DMC administrators are in the process of looking for corporate sponsors in Ghana and are pursuing international grant opportunities

Building Status as of January 2019

  1. The foundation and first floor have been constructed
  2. Interior finishing of the first floor includes: Plastered walls, Initial wiring for electric, Window gratings
  3. Foundation laid for exterior bathrooms

Next Steps

  1. Secure more corporate sponsors and grant opportunities
  2. In spring 2019, we will be running a fundraising campaign to raise more funds to begin construction on the second and third stories. More information will be shared when this is launched.
  3. Begin furnishing the first floor