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Saakumu Dance Troupe

Saakumu Dance Troupe is dedicated to introducing new audiences to traditional and contemporary African dance and music. Saakumu means traditions, and as the name implies, the company derive its repertoire on the variety of both traditional and contemporary cultures with creativity. We are an artist founded association driven by a passion for bringing innovative dances and world music to our audiences. In addition to collaborating with artists and presenters of all kinds, we are committed to building new audiences via performances.
The award winning Saakumu Dance Troupe is one of the leading traditional/contemporary dance and music group in Ghana, West Africa. Led by master musician, Bernard Woma, the group repertoire includes a range of spiritual, ceremonial, recreational genres to contemporary African dance forms. Their music and dance is joyful, expressive and highly participatory.

Based in Medie, Accra, the Saakumu Dance Troupe has performed at important governmental functions, national and international music and dance festivals throughout Ghana and West Africa. In 2007, Saakumu Dance Troupe was the designated official performing group at the National Festival of Arts and Culture (NAFAC) Ghana’s largest sponsored cultural festival.


Our work involves community outreach and educational programs in schools and colleges. Instrumentation include (gyil) African xylophone, drums, calabash water drums and the praise singing (talking drums) of the Akan and Dagbamba people of Ghana.  The group is eager to share their music and dances with the rest of the world.


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