Recognizing the benefits of collaboration, the DMC regularly partners with different local and international organizations to increase the sharing of knowledge in music and dance education, art studies, community social programs, cultural policy and resources to create a greater and more meaningful impact in Ghana and abroad.

Ghanaian Ensembles

In order to provide a greater variety of repertoire to audiences that highlight many different cultural traditions from around the country, the DMC partners with the Africana Dance Ensemble, Nabdam Cultural Troupe and experts from the University of Ghana and the National Theatre for different events throughout Ghana. The DMC also engages members of Africana to help teach students who are looking to learn other musical traditions.

Move the World

The DMC hosts several groups of dancers per year who come through the Move the World (formerly Awareness Through Dance) organization. Based out of London, Move the World’s mission is to “empower individuals to inspire change through creativity” and uses art to initiate positive change in the Medie community. Collaborations between the DMC and Move the World include:

  • StreetsmArt: a community sanitation initiative
  • Painting of local schools to create inspiring learning environments
  • Community dance shows designed to demonstrate positive cultural exchanges and interactions
  • Workshops covering topics such as health, education, women’s empowerment and change-making.
  • Training of DMC staff to serve as local ambassadors


MusicXChange, a US-Italy based non-profit sponsored by the Berklee College of Music, is “a nonprofit project that works at the intersection of music therapy, healthcare and education whose mission is to preserve traditional music and use music as a tool for positive change.” The DMC and Saakumu Dance Troupe have collaborated with MusicXChange on professional audio and video recordings for fundraising materials and benefit performances and helped implement music therapy at the local Medie clinic.

Performing Arts Abroad (PAA)

Performing Arts Abroad partners with the DMC to connect students and artists around the globe with study abroad opportunities, volunteer work and internships in Ghana that align with their artistic interests that may not be offered by traditional study abroad programs. The DMC is proud to serve as the Ghanaian partner for PAA and its students looking to study in West Africa.

U.S. Embassy

Bernard Woma began serving as a representative of traditional Ghanaian culture for the US Embassy in Accra in 1993 as a member of the National Dance Company of Ghana. This partnership continued upon the foundation of the Dagara Music Center. Bernard Woma and the Saakumu Dance Troupe frequently represent Ghanaian culture to representatives of the Public and Cultural Affairs Section of the US Embassy in Accra and their visitors. Mr. Woma has played drums for President Clinton and taught gyil to President Obama’s family when they were in Ghana.

International Educational Institutions

Major educational institutions and organizations that regularly participate in our annual study abroad programs and collaborate with the DMC are the following;

  • Bowling Green State University Ohio
  • Berklee College of Music Boston, MA
  • Hamline University St. Paul, MN
  • SUNY College at Fredonia
  • Ithaca College NY
  • University of Arizona
  • Oakland University Michigan
  • West Virginia University
  • Concordia College Minnesota
  • Perpich School of the Arts Minnesota
  • Hart School of Music Connecticut

  • Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Indiana University Bloomington
  • Kansas State University
  • Buffalo State University
  • UMASS Dartmouth
  • Williams College MA
  • Depauw University Indiana
  • Monclair State University New Jersey
  • Wonderlust Inc. New Mexico
  • EESTI Estonia.

Local Medie Partners

  • Sowers Academy, Medie
  • Meyah Preparatory School, Medie
  • Medie Presbyterian Junior High School, Medie
  • Lord Krishna Primary School, Medie
  • Midfield International School, Medie
  • Medie M/A Junior High School, Medie
  • Adjen Kotoku Senior High School, Medie
  • Adams Preparatory School, Medie
  • M & D Clinic, Medie
  • Dagara Langtaar Kaaru Association, Medie
  • Careshield Foundation, Medie
  • Acropolis Maranatha Academy, Pokuase
  • Father Wiegger’s Basic School, Nsawam
  • Nsawam Government School, Nsawam
  • Ahamadiya School, Nima (Accra)
  • Obloni Arts Inc., Abeka (Accra)
  • The National Dance Company of Ghana, Accra
  • Dagbe Cultural Center, Kopeyia (Volta Region)