There are eight qualified professional teachers and talented artists at the Center who teach the various disciplines in Drumming, Dancing, Xylophone music, Kente Weaving, Drum making, Ceramics, Blacksmithing and Batik and Tie-dye making. In addition, we have ten staff members whose duties include managers, cooks, drivers, servers, and housekeepers.

The resident dance company, Saakumu Dance Troupe employs twenty four dancers and musicians.

The Dagara Walier Saakumu, is a youth dance ensemble that provides the opportunity for the recruitment and training of interested young artists between the ages of four and sixteen years. Currently, the ensemble has 20 members who perform various kinds of traditional Ghanaian music and dances.

Instructor List

  • Joyce Woma
  • Eddie Green
  • Dennis Bedaarti
  • Evelyn Beyoun
  • Mercy Adoku
  • Alex Woma
  • Joseph Fiagbe
  • Jerome Balsab

Staff list

  • Rita Kuuntam
  • Michael Woma
  • Maya
  • Yaa
  • Florence
  • Victoria
  • Kwaku
  • Auntie Cynthia
  • Dana Vanderburgh


The DMC’s students’ population comprised of university students, music teachers, dance teachers, cultural anthropologists, ethnomusicologists, history/culture teachers, musicians, visual artists, dancers, sociologists and humanitarian activists from around the world. The DMC also teaches local youth groups in the Ghanaian public and private school systems throughout the year.