Since 1997, Saakumu Dance Troupe has been dedicated to introducing new audiences to traditional and contemporary Ghanaian dance and music. Saakumu Dance Troupe is the resident dance company of the DMC. Saakumu is driven by a passion for bringing innovative dances and world music to our audiences through performances in Ghana and abroad.

— Saakumu Dance Troupe on Tour in 2020 —


Saakumu is recognized as one of the leading cultural performing troupes in Ghana and is hired to perform at weddings, funerals and corporate functions throughout the country and has entertained many government officials and foreign dignitaries, including the former president, H.E. John Mahama. The Troupe also has also won many regional and national cultural competitions. Members of Saakumu also instruct local children and foreign students in traditional music and dance.

International Tour

Saakumu Dance Troupe began touring Africa and the United States in 2008 in order to expose traditional Ghanaian music and culture and promote holistic cross-cultural experiences. 10-15 permanent members of the Troupe annually represent Ghana and the work of the DMC around the US.

While on tour, Saakumu offers cultural performances, workshops and lectures to universities, public schools, music/dance groups and other cultural and artistic organizations.