The DMC provides instruction in traditional Ghanaian music, dance and visual art to foreigners through its study abroad programs. The experience is designed to not only provide quality instruction, but an immersive cultural experience where students are integrated into daily life in Medie. Universities, independent groups and individuals also organize other trips (of different durations) throughout the year. The center also serves as an institution for scholarly research in African music and arts.

Summer Sessions

Each summer the Center offers two three-week sessions where students spend time learning at the DMC and touring the country. Each session usually hosts 8-15 students from around the world and is comprised of two weeks of lessons and one week of excursion trips to major tourist attractions throughout the country. The goal of the summer sessions is to provide individuals the opportunity to study at the DMC in a structured group environment.

Come join us in Ghana in Summer 2020!

SESSION 1: May 30-June 20, 2020 [APPLY]

SESSION 2: June 27-July 18, 2020 [APPLY]

Price: $2700 (student responsible for own airfare to and from Ghana).

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The DMC specializes in the instruction and performance of traditional Dagara music and dance. However, our repertoire and pedagogy includes the art and culture of other ethnic groups in Ghana such as the Ewe, Ga, Dagomba, Sissala, Asante and Birifor peoples. Instruction and performances are designed to:

  • Provide an authentic experience of Ghanaian music and culture
  • Engage students and audience in experiential learning
  • Explain the cultural context of each piece and the values they portray
  • Preserve traditional Ghanaian music and culture
  • Demonstrate the ability for music and art to break down established cultural, geographic and musical barriers and serve as a positive means of communication and interaction.


During the summer sessions and some other organized trips, students experience some of Ghana’s famous tourist and cultural attractions. The exact locations of our excursions are subject to change. However, these may include:

  • Kintampo Waterfalls: One of Ghana’s most beautiful waterfalls.
  • Boabeng Fiema Monkey Sanctuary: A village/forest where monkeys and humans co-exist peacefully.
  • The Asantehene Manhyia Palace (Kumasi): A cultural center for the rich history of the Asante people.
  • Wli Falls (Volta Region): The highest waterfall in Ghana and all of West Africa.
  • Kumasi Culture Center: A living site of preservation for Ghana’s traditional artistic culture.
  • Elmina Slave Castle (Cape Coast): One of Ghana’s oldest remaining structures that reveals the dark history of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.
  • Kakum National Park: The longest rainforest canopy-walk in the world where you can view the world from 40m up.

Bringing a group to the DMC

The DMC hosts groups from various institutions throughout the year. Please contact us for more information about available dates and group rates. We are happy to work with you to design a program to fit the needs of your group! 

Independent Studies

The DMC hosts individual students and researchers throughout the year who wish to stay longer than three weeks. Many of these students are in the process of completing academic research, internships or wish to truly immerse themselves in the study of Ghanaian music and culture. Regardless of the student’s length of stay or focus, the DMC provides the same quality of support and instruction as it does for its group programming.

Please contact us to learn more about studying abroad at the Dagara Music Center and to sign up for your program!

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